Where are you in your mesh journey

I’m curious readers - Are you newly diagnosed with a hernia or prolapse, incontinence? Is mesh being suggested as a treatment?

Or are you looking for a lawyer? Trying to monitor your trial docket? Just let me know where you are so I can better address your concerns. Thank you!! ~ jane a.

Nj mcl630 looking for update

I’m in the settlement stage. Everyone trying to get part of the settlement I received.

Pets- Do you care to elaborate? I’d love to hear what the settlement talks are these days. Do you have pelvic or hernia mesh? I will not share, just curious at this time. I’d like to do a chapter on settlements at a later date. If you don’t want to write her… share at jeakre@gmail.com… thank you!

How’s it going? Your settlement talks that is

I’m a pelvic mesh survivor exploring litigation. I’ve started working with KlineSpecter in Philadelphia. I’m just getting started so any suggestions are welcome.
Any attorney recommendations for PA? Any advice?

Welcome Miriammom! Kline Specter is generally good. Kila Baldwin especially. Be sure when you sign your retainer agreement you know what you are signing.

What is the percentage the firm will take? Is it calculated on a tier basis ie the first $100k takes 40 percent, the second is 33.3%…
How do they calculate additional expenses?
Since you are no longer part of the MDL - will there be a 5% common benefit fee?
That is their cost of doing business you might suggest- they should pay it.
Will they negotiate down any medical liens?
Will they keep you updated on a regular basis - specify that up top.
Who is your contact person? Get their phone and email.

this is a contract so like any contract, specify what you want up top!
Anyone else want to chime in- What do you with you had asked for in your contract with the law firm? Good luck.

In the matter of one week I was diagnosed first with the vaginal erosion, then after CT and further testing, found my mesh and bowel and possibly intestine are infected. Original surgeon is of course gone from the hospital. He was one of those that said “it’s not that kind of mesh”.
All doctors that have been involved currently seem to be very shady about it. There is no referral made yet even after current doctor made it clear that this was out of his realm. Tonight I am dead in the water an have no clue which direction to turn next. I am in Ohio looking for a surgeon that will remove a transvaginal mesh that was placed abdominally through a preexisting incision from a past spine surgery. Two days after placement and hysterectomy, I suffered a first ever seizure causing and incisional hernia to which a large mesh patch was used to make the repair resulting in a large “X” scar (think Aliens the movie). Now trying to find a doctor that can get through all of that and make a decent repair sounds like a complete fairy tale. If any one has information on Ohio surgeons or in the neighboring states I would appreciate the help. thank you

Hi Scarllett and Welcome! I’m sorry you hit the lottery here with two meshes! Check out these surgeons from our MND list of knowledgeable docs. These are hernia docs who might also be able to address the infected pelvic mesh. They would be a good place to start, especially since your pelvic mesh was placed abdominally. Had you ever had seizures before or do you believe it was in reaction to autoimmune, allergic, or any kind of reaction to the mesh placement?

Ohio – Dr. David Grischkan, HERNIA DOC, Cleveland, Hernia Center of Ohio, (216) 591-1422, https://www.herniasurgeries.com/contact-info/, may still use a mesh even though he advertises non-mesh repair. https://www.herniasurgeries.com/

Ohio- Cleveland Clinic Dr. David Krpata, General Surgery HERNIA, David Krpata, M.D. | Cleveland Clinic

In an unexpected turn, I called to make an appointment with Dr Veronikis in MO. That same evening he personally called me and we are scheduling a consultation after the current surgeon finally gets my records sent to them. Hurry up and wait as usual **shrug

Hello Jane

I thought I’d share since I’ve finally reached the end of this nightmare.
2013 Sparc Sling. Instant retention and pain. Hospital trips to get catheter. Had to pretty much stand to pee.
2013 1st surgery to “Loosen” sling. Immediate pain w intercourse near my urethra.
2014 2nd Surgery to remove scar tissue at urethra. Surgeon nicked a hole in bladder but repaired. Still not better.
2014 Joined class action w lawyers out of Texas.
2015 Feeling like I am very sick, bit no one can find out why.
2016 I feel like I’m peeing out my vagina. I pee, then stand up and leak. Every time!.
2017 Diagnosed w Sjogrens
2018 Finally new surgeon believed me, and sure enough, I had a urethro vaginal fistula. Was repaired.
2019 Still sick, in pain, and jist over all of it. My research had led me to Dr. Una Lee in Seattle. I met her and scheduled complete mesh removal.
2020 5 hour surgery and urethral reconstructionusing my labia, 2 nights in hospital, 6 weeks w catheter. I feel better somehow, unfortunately when my catheter was removed I was completely incontinent. 44 wearing diapers. 2 trips back to Seattle for a bulking agent in my urethra. 1st time helped some, 2nd not at all.
2021 Received my settlement. 7 years and 4 months later. I ended up w 50%. I never once spoke to my lawyer. I signed for 6 figures originally, but you get the drift. Only my 1st 2 surgeries were considered, and now I’ve given up my right to further get damages.
2021 Surgery for Fascia Sling using tissue from my thigh. I have a supra pubic catheter this time for 4 weeks and I’m heading to Seattle for removal this week. Not completely sure of outcome yet.

I do know, this is my last surgery. I am done. If I need diapers, so be it.
I am pretty sure I have PTSD, from this whole thing. They stole years of my life. I’m trying to forgive and move on, but not there yet.
Dr. Lee saved my life. She believed me, she believed in me, and she knew what I needed.
If I only knew then what I know now.

Continue the fight ladies. I send you all love. We didn’t deserve this. Someday this will come out as the worse travesty against women in American history. I sure hope so anyway. Xoxoxoxox