Whats happening to the MDL?

Just FYI- I was on the MDL site for ALL MDLs. Here it is:


Check out West Virginia where the pelvic mesh MDL at one time had 107,000 pelvic mesh defective product claims.

As of today, there are 6 remaining Boston Scientific claims that are unresolved (out of 26,644 at one time). As far as Ethicon ( Johnson & Johnson) there are 153 claims unresolved out of 40,870 at one time.

Does this mean all of your claims have been resolved?

Hello Jane, My question is regarding my case filed in New Jersey MDL and why nothing is happening with those cases. I’ve had mine filed since like 2012 or 2013. Yet I’m stuck waiting and they won’t release my case to move forward in a trial. It’s like being held hostage. Meanwhile I suffer daily from the damage of Prolift and TVT. Had removal but now have nerve damage and deal with that now the rest of my life. Any input is appreciated.

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I have a friend who is also filed in New Jersey with a Prolift. It’s like it has stalled there and no one is in a hurry. Granted, covid shut courts down, but you are going on a decade filed and that is BS. I hope you have a good lawyer who addresses nerve damage. Let me make some calls and get back here if I find out whether the NJ courts are finally going to move forward… I’m so sorry. Adding insult to injury! ja

I fired my former lawyer after an insulting settlement offer from JNJ. I now have Vigna representing me. I’d love to know why things are not moving forward in New Jersey courts. It’s like they are just sitting on them with nothing happening.

My suit filed 2017 nj mcl630
Have heard nothing in 4 years hopefully we will soon
Have our day in court

You are right Timmy, New Jersey is in limbo. cases are stalled. What are they waiting for? I will find out.


Are you talking about Linda Gross?

This site is somewhat useless