What Will the New Year Mean to You?

Put simply, 2020 sucked! Not only were we shut off from the friends and family we need to feel human, but medical care took a back seat, and mesh settlements certainly did as well. Forget trials.
But January is time for optimism at least that’s how I look at January.

So what does January hold for you and the new year in general?

Hopefully, 2021 will see normality! So tired of wearing a mask everywhere I go.

With luck, being able to go back to PT after Corona is done.

I wonder if Corona has changed people forever? The way we think and respond to things and others. Close to a year of hiding behind masks has to have an effect on people. Hiding may not be the correct word to use, but it was the only one I could think of.

I just saw a story that the seasonal flu incidents are down substantially… like zero cases in one large hospital. Are the masks and handwashing helping along with lack of contact? I think that’s amazing. I know I will never look at public gatherings the same way again.