Settlement offers

I hired attorney’s from Texas and I feel like I did not get what I deserved. I no longer have ANY control of my bladder I should own stock in Depends. I am 59 years old I have had 7 surgeries in regards to vaginal mesh. I sued both Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific and received very small settlements of which the attorney’s got a big portion. I would not have settled if it had not been for a life changing event in my family life. Now I have absolutely NO control of my bladder I can be pumping gas for my vehicle and all the sudden my bladder is full and is pouring out of me! I am pretty sure I had to sign something stating I would not sue for this matter in the future and I remember them stating no facebook post or social media post of any kind! I am so stressed and my life has been ruined for a mere 30?? thousand I don’t remember the exact amount. I wish there was something I could do. It was my understanding the lawsuit was for faulty medical equipment and that is all well and good but what about my life?? just really needing to talk to other women in the same boat.
Thanks for listening
Tonya Isham
Rome, Ga

Wow- that’s not much. Probably not enough for surgery. If you signed the agreement, you are right, you can sue the manufacturer any longer. Some people are making the move to sue their law firm, especially if they did not properly prepare the case for settlement. In some cases, women’s cases were “bundled” including good cases with those who had an expired statute of limitations. The value of case was dependent on the number of removal surgeries you had. Sort of a flawed basis in my opinion. What if she couldn’t undergo surgery? What if she couldn’t afford surgery? She got shorted. So let us know if yours is one of the Texas firms being sued for legal malpractice. That might be an avenue for you.