Settlement in vaginal mesh claims

First of all there is NO AMOUNT of money that can make up for my quality of life!! However, the amount I settled for in the aggregated settlement is peanuts after the attorney’s got their 40% and all the other stuff I was charged for. I did get a $5000.00 advance in the beginning and was told that if it wasn’t settled within 3 years of the advance repayment would cap and not continue to accrue interest and would/should have been a much lower repayment. not to mention ALL I was charged. The firm is getting filthy rich of us women whose lives have been ruined. Imagine pumping gas and your bladder decides to empty and you can’t stop it or being in line to check out at wal mart and again your bladder empty’s right there in checkout. or being at your grandson’s ball game and it happens again. I should own stock in depends. I don’t wear under ware I wear diapers!!

and TMI my husband of 30 years and I have not been intimate since about 2009. Life is miserable all because of a faulty medical device that was put on the market WITHOUT FDA approval! and I know at one time I found in some of my research where CLARK, LOVE, AND HUTSON sat on one of the boards at JOHNSON AND JOHNSON however I can’t remember which board or even how I found it but wouldn’t that be a conflict? anyway is there anyone out there that has had or is having some of the same experiences as me?

Is this valid for Irish vaginal mesh claims as well?

The actions are still being collated here.

I have been thru a terrible time over the past 7 years. I have waited 7 years for my mesh clsim to come to fruition. I was awarded 104.000. Out of that my lawyer took 42.000. The expert witness took 35.000. Court expenses were high and i am left with 26500 of which medicare will take their share. What a rip off. Lawyer and witness and court have been paid and i have not seen a cent.

What recourse do i have. I understood that there would be attorneys fees and court costs but never agreed to expert witness fees. On top of that it has been 5 to 7 years since this all began.

So sorry it has been a longer road for you. Just got a breakdown of charges and i am furious. The expert wit ess was paid $35000.00. Has already been paid and I haven’t. Don’t know how much meficare will take. I don’t really jave the energy to fight on. Mine is 7 years long.

I’m so sorry! Even one day is too long! It’s mentally and physically draining and hard not to be angry at times.
I pray that there isn’t a large deduction from medicare and you are able to have at least a little something to help out. I read somewhere that some law firms might work with you on some of the other deductions.
This is not at all what we expected, is it? We somehow have found strength to get through all of this so far and most likely we’ll do the same to find the acceptance of this thing that’s out of our control and focus on ourselves and our survival once again.
This blog has been my go to place when I’m feeling defeated and need to know that I’m not alone. Especially since covid with the feeling of even greater isolation. It’s also been a great source for updates and education. Just yesterday I read the TVT vs TVT-O (TOT) article and it answered many questions for me.
Hang in there and try to stay strong.

Mim- I’m so sorry, not only a mesh injury but an injury from your law firm? I have heard from very few people who are happy with their settlements. they exist, but not too many of them. Mostly they are the people who settled earlier when lawyers thought there would be a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That didn’t happen and settlements got smaller… That’s my observation anyway. Let me know your thoughts and I can turn them into topics that other might be interested in too. I appreciate your feedback. It keeps me going… ja

Geez… really? The lawyer gets $42,000 and you walk away with $26,500? Were you being prepped for trial? Otherwise why did you need an expert? What expenses? Did you get a breakdown? Your lawyer should negotiate down anything owed to Medicare! Please insist he/she do that! What about the 5% common benefit fee? Did the law firm take that off the top or did he/she pay it?

And to top it off, do you still have mesh injuries? Adding insult to injury! if you don’t mind writing me privately, I’d love to see the breakdown of your settlement just so I understand. Thank you, and I’m sorry. ja

Welcome to the community Patrick… I’ve been amazed at the differences in the court system in our countries. US has a trial system for defective product and if you make it to trial, you can be awarded a great deal of money PLUS punitive damages. Ireland does not have that from what I understand. You have more of a class action so everyone shares equally in whatever is awarded. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Since the UK and Europe tend to follow the U.S. example, the same meshes are probably the focus in your your country. Please keep us updated if you would on what’s happening in Ireland. ja

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