Milanes Verdict Not Good for Plaintiffs

For the amount of time it has taken to finally get the bellwether trials going it is not starting off good. This has been a frustrating process for me. Although I am part of the Rhode Island MCL I have been following the MDL in Ohio and so far its been very disappointing news. Has anyone heard any updates on trial dates for the RI MCL. It has been silent since they settle the Rudd case the night before the trial was to start. And Does anyone know the trial date for the Stinson case in the Ohio MDL?

I check this lawyers page tho not mine its pretty informative. Bard Litigation: Keeping You Updated - Hollis Law (

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Insider information is that the lead lawyer in the last Bard trial was very offensive in the courtroom to everyone and made one of the court personnel cry, in front of the jury! No one could control his temper. This does not bode well for those plaintiffs he represents.


I wish it would have been one of the attys with experience against bard like migliori. Orent or Brenes. I didn’t know anything about the guy from Levin pappantonio

Wow Id like to know a little bit about what was said. Was it done on purpose? Did his/her comments prove a point at all? I imagine this is a very heated subject that maybe needed to go there? Thank you so much for sharing REALLY! Im sure we all wish it was an open trial like I said before … the commercials would make more money than the Super Bowl!!!

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