Medical Malpractice

Have you ever wondered why your doctor who injured you was not sued? That may be changing soon as one doctor who works for Boston Scientific yet implants women with mesh, is about to be sued for medical malpractice. This man has made millions from the company and promotes their products as well as uses them on his patients.

Stay tuned as the legal process must take place before I can report.


Let me say it’s worse then that. I can’t get my Drs to help me even get revision surgery or removed completely. The issue is Drs here run from any thing about Mesh. They say hey you ate Constipated. My story goes far beyond this but getting true help when you are disabled and not Rich are fruitless. What can I do.

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First of all Welcome to the Forum Help Me. If you need revision surgery you need someone who is a high volume provider, in other words, has done a lot of them. You are with the wrong docs if they run from a mesh-related problem. You likely don’t have the finances to go elsewhere, which is another complication… Would you write me and let me know where you live so perhaps there is a doctor who can help you in your area. No one should suffer when there are solutions. ja

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Dr Krpata Cleveland clinic saved my life.
There hernia center is top notch. Took 6hrs to remove bard large 3D max both open and laproscopic. I’m on my 3rd surgery with 2 more to come.

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Nomesh- First of all Welcome to the Forum! And thank you so much for the recommendation. The list of competent hernia and pelvic mesh doctors is small but growing thanks to folks like you. Appreciate it and so do others!!! ~ ja

Helpme1321- Thanks for commenting on the Forum Help. Can you tell me what kind of mesh you have? Hernia or pelvic? That’s the first step. There are doctors out there who are high volume and knowledgeable but you have to find them. I think we can help. Please get back and thank you~ ja

I was overdosed and sprayed in face by uk nhs gp … i then dicscovered x2 implants with private scan …they delibratley infected the antibiotic resistant biofilm as it would propagate . I am being abused…gaslighted and i think i am dying…they turn me away from hospitals… the surgeon stole my scan disc… i did copy it … I am in terrible pain…doctors argue with me as i dont want what they normally give as i am ex healthcare and i blew the whistle on the carehomes being full of no informed consent victims with an array or illnesses… Please share… My name is Sue Rose …I am telling the truth … the establishment know …the government gasligh … Please somneone help

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Look for a MASTER surgeon. Thats what it took to take mine out. Unfortunately they are hard to find I got lucky. My surgeon is great but told me straight up he needed a master surgeon because he couldnt do it alone. I thought he was joking… he wasnt.

And what happened as a result of your surgery with a Master surgeon? which I’ve never heard of. Does that mean they are older with decades of experience? An older doctor is not as likely to believe the promises of a medical sales rep with the latest and greatest…

Hi I understand what you’re going through and I’m so sorry I’m going through the same thing if you would like to talk can call me at 405 610-4776 Amanda

I’m so glad to hear you had a positive experience. Thanks for sharing with others!