MDL changes Urged by Defense and Plaintiffs

Interestingly, besides changes to the MDL system posed by the plaintiff counsel, the defense counsel has a problem with the MDL. An organization representing leading corporate counsel and defense bar practitioners claim that 30-40% of the MDL cases are “meritless claims”… see their fact sheet here.

Was yours a meritless claim?

Here is the background story on Kline Specter’s proposed changes to the MDL which is largely self-governing.

Also if you are into the MDL system and how it did or didn’t work for you, Elizabeth Chamblee Burch at the University of Georgia has written Mass Tort Deals:

The Burch book, Mass Tort Deals: Backroom Bargaining in Multidistrict Litigation is available here.

And even more on the MDL system.

If it helps plaintiffs understand the MDL process at all, here’s the video portion of the podcast I did for the American Law Institute with Shanin Specter, John Beisner, and Prof. Abbe Gluck:

The podcast version is here:

The podcast involved Professor Elizabeth Burch, not me.

I am unable to open the link to the fact sheet.

Welcome CB Colorado… can you listen to the podcast here!