Madris (Tomes) Kinard and Device Events

You may know her as Madris Tomes and she was featured on The Bleeding Edge. Madris (Mah-DREES) used to work IT at the FDA and thought she could create a better database, more accessible to the public. She has and her company is Device Events, where usable FDA data is made available on medical devices for a curious public, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, and journalists.

We just did a podcast with her and it is fantastic! She is a wealth of information. Did you know that hernia mesh complications spiked in 2019 and have remained high. The FDA should be watching this information and relaying it to manufacturers and the public, but that is not the way it happens. Instead, you report a complication to the manufacturer who may, or may not, relay it to the FDA. Fox watching the henhouse? Hope you catch the podcast, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for joining the forum. Your presence is most appreciated. ~ ja