I have just joined today, May 3, 2023

I wish I would have joined many years ago, but I am not the kind of person to think of suing a Doctor or Company!! Right now, I am in so much pain from the Vaginal Mesh Sling… I could scream!! Grandma Shirley

Neither was i but 4 surgeries later and a 21 stay in the hospital a year and a half ago makes me glad I did. You should consult with an atty and get advice. I found that my doctors werent always willing to say what they really thought.

Thanks for replying to me…!! Your right about the Doctor’s hiding their true feelings about the Sling issue’s, which is very disappointing when you put so much trust in them to help you with your medical problems. I have lost a lot of faith in Doctor’s since this TVT Sling surgery has ruined my life, and now I feel so sad that it has taken so much fun out of my life for so many years!! Love & Prayers, Grandma Shirley

I recently underwent mesh removal & am in severe pain. I am considering contacting an attorney. Does anyone know of a good attorney in San Diego.

Troy Brenes is in LA but I dont know if he is taking on any new mesh clients. But he is top notch and if it is Bard mesh you may want to call him just to see

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Hi, Thank you for replying. I will contact them. If he is unable to assist me; maybe he can refer me. I have suffered so much pain for many years. Finally I had it removed but it was a complicated surgery. I pray I am able to heal from all of this.

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good luck & I hope you find someone. Knowing you had to have your mesh removed will probably help you find an atty

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