Hernia mesh trials

I’m about to start a series of reporting on the upcoming mesh trials. We have waited so long for any court action since most courts have been closed in 2020. Even though we are not done with this pandemic, or it’s not done with us, the courts are opening up - we have hernia mesh trials in three different states.

It will be fascinating to see how they fare in comparison to the pelvic mesh trials where tens of millions were awarded AND the punitive damages! When jurors hear how mesh makers disregarded the early signs of trouble, they get furious! So stay tuned and if you have a hernia, please consider a first repair to be a non-mesh one.

What states are the trials in?

They are in Georgia, Ohio and Delaware… update soon on whether the January cases are really going forward!!

We have a trial in Rhode Island April 7th Timothy and Lori Rudd v Davol Inc. PC-2018-0482. I’m trying to get the complaint but believe its Ventralex patch. Bard/Davol has more hernia meshes than any other company…Thank you for joining the community! ja

Change… More like April 21! Same place, same people… Stay tuned.


Is the hernia Mesh trial going on still in Rhode Island? And thank you for doing this you are helping a lot of concerned people with no answers


Hi Swift- You are so right to ask for an update…I called the court today and they said it looks like there is another delay! I know, very frustrating, but opening up the courts to a huge backlog is a huge problem apparently. The good news is that it’s still in play. There is always the possibility for a last minute settlement. I heard about one against Boston Scientific just last week so… it’s like the game of chicken, who will veer off first. Crappy way to treat one of the users of your product in my opinion. I will run an updated story when there is a new trial set and have the right contacts to keep up on that. By the way… go to www.courts.ri.gov
Click on public e service access, smart search. Put in case number which is
pc-2018-0482… Rudd v Davol. Thanks for writing!

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Rudd v Davol settled on the eve of trial. Here is a story done on Mesh News Desk,


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I saw the article today that it was settled. Is there any news on a new bellwther trial taking Rudd’s place and when that may take place. I follow Judge Lichts schedule online and other than a few hearings I see no trial dates for any Mesh cases and it looks like his schedule is set through August

And thank you for doing this. It is almost impossible to find information on the Rhode Island cases, unlike the MDL in Ohio. I have had 2 different Bard Mesh’s and a total of 4 surgeries and my case is filed with the Rhode Island litigation so it gets frustrating trying to find news and I hate bothering my Atty with this

Hi New- Thanks for joining in the Forum. I try to keep up with it, for example there was a Ethicon Physiomesh case scheduled to start June 7 but it has been continued. There should be others lined up. I contact the lawyers and like you, I look at the docket. I really appreciate your help keeping an eye out. Does everyone know how to get a Pacer account and look up the district court cases? It’s not that hard, ten cents a page if you download it. Check it out…~ ja

I have a pacer account which helps in following the MDL’s but I havent found an easy way to follow the cases like mine in Rhode Island other than to follow Judge Lichts schedule. I list in to some of the hearings but dont know how to view the actual filings. In Alabama we Alacourt but I dont know of anything in RI where I can pull up that info. Do you know of another way?

Hi New- Sorry for the delay in getting to this. You are correct in that a Pacer account allows you to access District Courts, which are federal. You pay ten cents a page to look at any docket assuming you have the case number. The state is a bit different. I do not believe they allow non-lawyers to access electronically but prefer you to come into the courthouse. The alternative is to find a sympathetic clerk. I am working on doing that. Here are some numbers:

IN RE: DAVOL/ C.R. BARD HERNIA MESH, Case No. PC-2017-1929, (Providence/Bristol Cty. Sup. Ct). Judge Alice Gibney, the presiding justice.

Check with the Superior Court clerk. Marisa P Brown, Administrator 222-3215. Clerk- Henry Kinch Jr. 222-3250. General Chief Clerk Stephen T Burke 222-3250. Assistant Admin officer Mary Ellen Hogan 222-3250.

I wish I had a better answer at this time. I will call them on Monday and follow up here. BTW- there is nothing wrong with getting documents added to your docket on a regular basis. That is their job! ~ja

Can I ask what 3 States are running these trials please?
I am trying to get as much information as possible for petitions I am having presented to Parliament, both state and Federal

Hi lucky to have found this site any update nj mcl630
Proceed mesh

I wanted to let you know I sent you an email on July 26th.

Read the latest on the upcoming pelvic mesh trials. These will be neuralgia cases, that is, extreme pain from nerve injuries caused by the mesh and its implantation. So far we have Tampa and New York City, hopefully before the end of the year, approximately November and December, but you know how these things change.

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