Hernia mesh and ultrasound


I am trying to find out about the use of intestinal ultrasound examinations which also involves the assessment of ,haustration, intestinal motility, The techniques used for this purpose seem to be something fairly new. It seems like something which can be used as had evidence of damage done by hernia mesh. Basing damages on the number of surgeries ignores the fact that some people would rather just live with the damage done than risk further damages with another surgery.


the question above was asked by Douglas Keogh. Dr. Bill Brown of California, a surgeon who deals with hernia mesh complications and non-mesh repairs answers:

Dear Jane Akre.

Ultrasound can sometimes help identify whether or not there has been damage to the intestines from implanted mesh.

During the examination you look for loss of intestinal peristalsis, narrowing of the lumen, loss of mobility, and thickening of the intestinal wall.

it is not a perfect Dustin there is a high false-negative rate.

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Excellent point. I never had lumbar problems until revision. My back is deemed severe. No doctor will so far make that connection. I have went for a few MRIs and not one mentions anything to do with revision or muscle. Dodged the whole point I wanted to make. All I got was a report on organs which there may have been a mention of a problem. I was told CT scan was not as good as an MRI. I would like to find out why I have many issues with stabbing needle pains, and much more. Unexplained pain doesnt cut it. There IS a reason and I need to know.

Hi Theeplanb - What kind of mesh do you have, type, brand, manufacturer? What you are describing indicates nerve pain. Doctors are so ignorant of mesh related problems. Some even deny that mesh can cause pain. Please get back… thanks and I’m sorry.

Thank you for acknowledging that. I get injections currently that dont work. Bard, composix LP, revision now have phasix. Tho they say that it desolves? I dk what the darning needle stabbing pains are. No one else wants to know or hear about it either.