Greetings! Thanks for Joining Us!

Hi Everyone. This is the first post for the YourTurn Forum. Enjoy the picture of Rosie, Rosita/ Pupita. What has been keeping you sane in this odd year? Let’s talk to each other here. There is so much to share. Questions please and we will try to answer them with the experts who are in the know. (PS-I’m not a lawyer or a doctor).

Where are you in your mesh journey?

By the way, that is Rosie, my new puppy. She was six months old yesterday… raising her is giving me something extra to do while I stay home.

Congratulations Jane!! Starting a forum where people can support one another and have a great resource of information is a comfort. Rosie is adorable.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community HS… glad to see you are the first to step in here. You must be brave!. I"m still getting familiar with this format. I notice under stories, there is a large gap between the end of the story and the “D” for discussion so I must note that because folks like to comment.

Let me know if I can be of any help. Even if it’s just a test post.

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