Ethicon hernia mesh

It is on the internet that ethicon has
a global settlement for all mesh claims
which includes all mdls and nj mcL
I have been unable to get a confirmation
or update
Any info would be appreciated

Have you heard anything since your recent post? I am waiting as well.

Nothing yet I thought something would
be posted by now

This site makes one notice that updates and current news very very. Slow

Hi Timmyd- Are you referring to transvaginal or hernia mesh? There is a lot of litigation in the pipeline now that the courts have opened up. MND has heard that New Jersey transvaginal mesh cases are now ordered to move forward. Some have been lingering for 10 years, so that is very good news. Are you referring to settlements for the various states? Those monies stay with the state for a violation of its consumer protection laws. Any more info would be appreciated. jane a.

Hernia mesh once again New Jersey mcL # 630 any update

I am referring to hernia mesh the update I am seeking involves New Jersey
mcL # 630

Nothing to date
Are you new Jersey resident?