Bard Trial Documents

I have some internal documents from the recent Bard hernia mesh trial. Is anyone interested in seeing them? Sometimes I think I go a little too much into the Weeds, as they say. Basically, the jury instructions tell jurors what to consider during their deliberations. It sort of breaks down what negligence is etc. Thought it might be a good story… Comments please@@!

your editor, jane

Please post them , and Thank you.

hey Jan, could you please post some of the internal documents , again Thank you so much

Here are some of the documents. thanks for following the forum.

![johns trial question from juror and the answer is yes sept 2021 not optimized|690x419]


I wish it was public to watch the trial. Commercials would make more than the Super Bowl millions watching lol

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I do too. What manufacturers knew and when they knew it is always enlightening. You will never believe marketing promises again.

Hi Anything new? just wondering