Bard Trial Documents

I have some internal documents from the recent Bard hernia mesh trial. Is anyone interested in seeing them? Sometimes I think I go a little too much into the Weeds, as they say. Basically, the jury instructions tell jurors what to consider during their deliberations. It sort of breaks down what negligence is etc. Thought it might be a good story… Comments please@@!

your editor, jane

Please post them , and Thank you.

hey Jan, could you please post some of the internal documents , again Thank you so much

Here are some of the documents. thanks for following the forum.

![johns trial question from juror and the answer is yes sept 2021 not optimized|690x419]


I wish it was public to watch the trial. Commercials would make more than the Super Bowl millions watching lol

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I do too. What manufacturers knew and when they knew it is always enlightening. You will never believe marketing promises again.

Hi Anything new? just wondering

We have an Ethicon trial starting July 11 in Toledo Ohio…Does anyone live near there and can sit in the trial?

Sorry l have ADD and can’t really focus my eyes, my memory is great though. Sorry new here what and when did bard warn doctors? My doctor did not mention mesh when he inserted a. 4x5” over a tiny 2.4x2.4 cm ventral hernia left of belly button of supramesh (bard davol) in 2009. He did check my blood for mrsa though and flirted maybe for distraction. ln 201, l ended up in ER with blood pressure of 211/110 told doctor extreme pain in belly hernia had broke. I was freezing,shaking and felt like l was going to die. ER doctor asked if l had mesh. I said what is mesh? He gave me cipro wrote bladder infection without a culture and that began a frustrating chase of what is mesh and why will no one say the word mesh. It is 2021 and my hernia mesh reruptured in 4/2020 when l was taking care of my mate who had fractured his femur and refused to go to the hospital for 10 days, I was in urgent care when the hospital called to say he had thrown up blood after insertion of titanium rod. He now had cancer and has passed on during COVID.
I kept getting bladder infections and ended up at urgent care 9 times since 4/2020. I didn’t get the mri until 6/2021 that showed hernia reruptured and 2 more small fat hernias and mesh repair is now deep to the umbilical region 1.7 cm with fat containing recurrent now umbilical and now 2 more omental inguinal biggest being 2.8 cm.

2011 This craziness started after a tooth broke high in my gums with pus with no symptoms but high maintenance man l was an accidental caregiver to screamed your breathe is terrible.Thank god for assholes
. 2011 antibiotics for 30 days, 3 dentists because of my dental plan. Then the pain in belly, face quit sweating, bowel shut down with no passing of gas, frozen or burning face, pain at hernia sight that only oxycodone 30 mg would knock out, blood pressure doubled and no doctor would say mesh. To this day no one will utter the words mesh.
I have enterobactor cloacae living in me that is poisoning me results came December 15 2022, a PA at a different urgent care called to tell me that l needed different antibiotics because cultured bacteria was resistant to bactrim , and l looked at all the cultures no one has ever cultured the bacteria only wrote word bacteria so l have been taking bactrim for 2 1/2 years with a resistant bacteria. I know l will not live if l don’t get the mesh removed. As it has set up housekeeping in my belly’s mesh as biofilm?
Does anyone know a surgeon or studies in Southern California that will remove this crap? A year ago an urgent care doctor gave me a shot of ceftriaxone but gave me bactrim which does not respond to this bacteria. I just finished cipro and am still shaking with all my joints now involved. I can’t put foot to ground without crying. I have sick sinus syndrome and they were supposed to put a pacemaker in December 8, l called to cancel because l realized the sweating, shaking, can’t focus eyes feel like l am going to pass out was not a cardiologist problem. Infection They couldn’t figure it out but l have it written in MyChart. Missing element is my blood pressure is high and pulse is low.

It is the bacteria and l am still being ignored. This is the ultimate gaslighting. I live in a resort area with a hospital that is like the mafia.
. Because it was put in there l am reluctant to go there without a billionaire backer.
I also have eventration of right hemidiaphram and ards. I am finding this in mri and medical notes. The diaphragm is new as l had lots of competent mri and reports over the years. Yesterday l saw a different PA l asked her to check for infected joints, she wrote fibromyalgia. Yikes this is a lethal bacteria
And obviously l need to seek removal outside the Palm Springs area. I have not contacted any attorneys and would be a great research participant, l don’t drink and my head is clear and can remember the conversations the day the hernia was supposed to be fixed. My life has been upended by this. I come from a family of super agers, mom is 97 her dad 105 both grand moms lived to 99. I am so crippled l can barely walk. My guy left me 2 puppies l cannot take care of and he passed too fast to finalize arrangements with COVID and they refused to give us a stage in his esophageal cancer. I have PTSD from watching a fabulous man pass and the crappy care he got. He got good care in San Diego where he was sent for cancer care. Where to start? Thanks

I have been suffering since 2007 due to Bard mesh used twice to repair hernia. The second time the surgeon braged that the area that now needed repair was so large that he sewed 2 meshes together. I could no longer work and had to leave job of 23 yrs. I had to fight for disability for 2 yrs. My problems continued in 2012 I suffered a blockage in my intestine but surgeons would not operate because of mesh. I was on respirator and feeding tube. They got blockage to clear but when they removed feeding tube stomach acid seeped out for 2 months. Then in 2014 my stomach swelled and was bright red and hot to touch. Went to surgeons office who implanted mesh. He took one look at me and said you are very ill and need open surgery, but I won’t treat you I suggest you go to emergency room but not this hospital because they will call meand I will refuse to treat you.