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Hi, I am here for any information about the Bard Perfix Plug Mesh. Will there be another trial for this type of mesh ? Also I am trying to follow the trial in Ohio as we speak, in reguards to polypropylene mesh , any updates ? The Perfix Plug is also a polypropylene mesh. Any info from anyone would be great. Thanks in Advance.

I’ve been trying but the law firms involved are not interested in commenting, which I find kind of annoying! I will keep trying and let you know. I’m sorry. The best option is for me to be there but that is not fiscally responsible on my part. Stay tuned!

In the meantime put the word “Perfix plug” in the search bar and you will see stories from the archive. try this

Hi Jan , I tried searching for "Perfix plug " and did not find any other information. I have been trying to find out any info on the trials in Ohio without any luck. Please post if you come across any info. Thank you.

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Bard asked that expert witness testimony of Dr. Michael G. Beatrice, acting as an FDA expert, be excluded, but Judge Sargus rejected the request. Beatrice will likely testify on the FDA’s labeling requirements and regulations.

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They say the payout amount will be on average $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 to me this is BS ,the lost of my life should be in the millions

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Thank you, what do you think of the polypropylene mesh trial that just finished. ???

I think it was a defense pick for a reason, not all of which I understand. But I don’t think it’s representative of what is to come… just a guess on my part. What do you think?

Yes I agree, the trial was too long and jurors dont want to be there , and the lawyers know this. Well I think they already pick the perfix plug trial , have they ???